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Simplify the Tasks of Everyday Living

Imagine setting up all of your home’s electronic systems so that the tasks they do are automated or controlled with the touch of a button on your smart phone, tablet, or a wall‐mounted or wireless touch screen. Such a system would simplify everyday tasks so you would have more time to enjoy what’s important.

What kind of projects do you do?

We do all kinds of fully integrated Smart Home systems incorporating everything from audio & video media systems to climate control, lighting control and surveillance. We have a tremendous depth of knowledge working in new construction custom homes, condos, high-rises, and even 100 year old houses in the oldest neighborhoods in Chicago. We’ve even worked in commercial offices and restaurants. We can a do a one room home theater or media room or a whole house system involving every electronic system you have, or anything in-between. We use the finest proven hardware available and can design the perfect system that satisfies your every need. Or we can create a plan that allows you to do some smart technologies now, with others to be added over time. It’s up to you! Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

Where have you done projects?

We’ve installed Smart Technologies in homes and businesses throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area and all over the country. Our work is in some of the most prestigious addresses in Chicago including: The Waldorf Astoria, Trump Tower, Water Tower Place,  Four Seasons, The Ritz-Carlton, John Hancock Building, 600 N. Fairbanks, and 900 N. Michigan, among others. We’ve even done work in second homes for existing clients beyond that in Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts (including Martha’s Vineyard), and Wisconsin. We’re thrilled our clients trust us so much that they don’t want anyone else working on any of their properties anywhere.

Why should I have a Smart Home?

Having a Smart Home allows you to integrate & control many systems in your home with very simple “single app” control from anywhere, rather than having a multitude of apps and systems that don’t communicate or interconnect at all. MediaTech can turn your home into a mindful environment always in tune with your life. Under your effortless command. We can integrate hundreds of media, lighting, communications, and environmental processes and systems into one harmonious structure you can control with a touch of a button.

If you think about it, you would never buy a new vehicle without Bluetooth capability or automated climate controls anymore. And we’ve moved way beyond printed maps and basic metal bumpers in cars, right? Now our cars have mobile digital navigation, proximity sensors, streaming music, hands free mobile, backup cameras, and internet access. They can even parallel-park without our input. Cars without features like these would be obsolete before leaving the lot. Having a home without some smart home technology will soon be unacceptable to most homeowners.  And proper planning will allow for future expansion with minimal invasion. Ask us how.

What should I automate?

Consider your lifestyle. Ask yourself what automated solutions would make your life easier and more pleasant. Do you want to get rid of the stack of remotes for all your audio-visual equipment? Do you want the ability to listen to your music collection virtually anywhere in your house? Do you want all of the lights in your house to go off when you leave? Do you want to be able to check on your home from anywhere in the world to make sure it’s secure?

Whether wired or wireless, you can automate practically any electronic device in and around your home. You can automate your swimming pool or spa, inside and outside lights, electronic gates, sprinkler system, garage doors, music, movies, television, heating and cooling, security system, door locks, security cameras, and on and on. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Do I need a professional to install my equipment?

While MediaTech home automation solutions are simple enough for everyone in your house to use, your system will be a complex design, linking multiple devices in your home to make it possible for them to communicate over a network. Naturally, this is the kind of work that requires a professional with the tools, training and experience to understand how to get everything working together. MediaTech is equipped to work closely with you, from designing and installing your system to teaching everyone in the house how to use it. MediaTech will also provide ongoing support and upgrades after the system is up and running.

Is my network good enough to handle all of this?

While MediaTech automation can be installed in any dwelling, the strength of your network and wiring is extremely important. The type of wiring recommended for a home automation system is called “structured wiring”—a wiring foundation that provides an effective communications infrastructure for home networking and telecommunications.

With new construction, plans can be made in advance so you can figure out where you want all of your Ethernet connections to be, and you may want to run additional cabling throughout your home for future expansion. With an existing home, the installer will want to minimize the number of holes that will need to be cut in the walls.

But that doesn’t mean you’re severely limited if you have an existing home. There are many ways to wire an existing home, and because many MediaTech devices are wireless, you’re not restricted by wires running in your walls. Your dealer can help you come up with the best solutions, depending on your situation. At the very least, you will need one or more Ethernet cables and an Internet connection. 

Does it really matter what equipment I use (for WiFi, speakers, receivers, TVs, etc.)? They’re all basically the same, aren’t they?

Smart Home equipment is not created equal! There can be a huge difference in the reliability between “off-the-shelf” systems and the ones we provide. And managing all those apps that don’t communicate with each other can be a pain. Since Smart Homes rely on the quality of the infrastructure to give service you can count on, it’s important to know what hardware and wiring is going into your home before it’s installed and connected. Call us to learn more about the time-tested hardware and systems we use and why we work so hard to make sure your system will work well before we even install it in your home.

Automation Made Easy

Customized solutions by MediaTech are designed to enhance your comfort, convenience, entertainment, and peace of mind by offering interactions that integrate with your lifestyle and environment. We work with the best product providers in the industry to offer you the highest quality experience imaginable.

The Ultimate Smart Home

Still wondering what automation can do for you? Here are a few examples of the many possibilities offered by MediaTech.

Do you like to entertain? When guests are about to arrive, switch to an “entertaining” mode with lights, music, shading and climate all at optimal levels, all by pressing just one button. Do you like movies? When you start a movie, your system can dim the lights, close the shades and switch the volume to the perfect level.

Want to have your home wake you up in the morning by opening the drapes in your bedroom, turning on the news and the coffee maker? Our home automation systems let you set up sequences of any events at any time you choose (or we can set them up for you).

When you leave your house, set your home systems to a pre‐planned “away” mode. Certain lights turn on and others turn off. Unneeded systems such as TV and music turn off. Climate sets itself to a lower level and your security system activates.

Want to check on your home while you’re away? That’s simple, too, using your smart phone, tablet or any computer with an Internet connection. Check the security system, make sure your garage is closed, and turn lights on or off. If you have workmen coming to your house, let them in remotely, and then watch them via your security cameras. Let your house know when you plan to return so it can be ready for you – or if you’re not sure, switch it to arrival mode when you’re a few miles away.

Are you worried about the environment? Properly‐designed home automation systems are very green, significantly lowering energy costs and your carbon footprint.

Setting up all your home systems to work together can be a complex job, but that’s where our expertise comes in. Once we’ve set up your home, you can relax and just enjoy it.

Automation Solutions

Learn more about home automation solutions from Media Tech and AMX, Control4 or Savant, backed by our one‐year warranty, extended maintenance agreements and 24/7 emergency service. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Media Tech is now a Hi Solution company

MediaTech is now a Hi Solutions company


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