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Most homeowners in today’s world are reaping the benefits of home automation, giving them greater control over their home through their smartphones, voice-controlled assistants and other devices. And when it comes to navigating these complex ecosystems, flexibility is playing a key role in getting an even better user experience. The truth is, you can have some fabulous components but still be held back by limited compatibility with third-party products. Making the right upgrades to your system will provide more extensive customization options and greater ease of use. 

Considering the multitude of smart home systems out there, choosing the right one is a must. In the search for the flexibility you require, be sure to arm yourself with some useful tips from the get go – so that your whole smart home system can start working for you. 

Have a Centralized Hub for Your Automated Systems

Smart home hubs are essential when it comes to connecting and managing all of your family’s devices. Most hubs offer advanced customization options that can enhance the flexibility of your system. Essentially, they’re designed to act as intermediaries, translating data from one device to another, thus achieving greater compatibility. Some users may prefer a particular assistant while others will use their favorite app. Set up your hub so it allows the entire household to control their assorted gadgets via their individual smartphones. 

Use a Range of Versatile Speakers 

High-quality audio is always desirable. Be sure to incorporate a range of audio options with a mix of smart speakers and displays throughout the home so your assistant can always hear you. The more versatile speakers and smart displays offer user-friendly touch controls – a plus for guests and others who may be less familiar with your setup.

3 Qualities to Look for in Your Upgraded System

What happens when you build on an addition or expand your streaming services? Can your WiFi handle the added capacity? Seek out something that can scale as your family’s needs grow. 

Here are three important qualities to consider:

1. Customizability for Greater Control

One of the most significant advantages of owning a smart home system is its ability to be customized fully. Most smart home devices are pre-programmed with routines that offer varying degrees of flexibility. However, you can customize these routines to your liking, thus achieving greater control. It’s essential to note that customizing your system might require a bit of technical know-how to achieve optimal results.

2. Ability to Automate Your Systems to Work Together

Even while working independently of one another, you can automate systems throughout the home to operate on the same system, creating a fully automated smart home. Doing so will give each user more control over lighting, security controls and other systems, both from within and outside of the home.

3. Third-Party Integration Services

Integrating third-party services can help bridge the gap between incompatible devices and systems, for example, by triggering multiple actions across different devices simultaneously. This way, you will be able to achieve greater flexibility from devices that were previously incompatible.

Get Help Setting Up Your New System

There are often various ways that devices can be grouped and organized in a chosen device or app. Understanding this will be vital when implementing commands to match your different components and physical spaces. This is why getting professional help automating one’s whole-home system can be the smartest decision they make.

Given the vast array of devices and services available, achieving maximum flexibility can be challenging. To maximize the flexibility you get out of your various devices, we recommend speaking with a smart home expert who can help you customize your system, automate your devices, and integrate all the parts using a centralized smart home hub. That way, the whole family will be able to fully realize the benefits of automation while enjoying maximum flexibility when they need it.

The experts at MediaTech will help you get started on your new or upgraded smart home system – from audio & video media systems to climate control, lighting control and surveillance. Our team can ensure that you get the system that works best in your space, from single‐room solutions to whole‐house systems. 

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Media Tech is now a Hi Solution company

MediaTech is now a Hi Solutions company


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