Luxury in the age of technology means getting the temperature right even though that one room always gets more sun than the others. Toggling between streaming programs without interruption. And somehow getting the sound right in your home theater independently from the music in the next room, even though both things are connected to the same control system.  

A highly functional smart home relies on one thing: your home’s network. As you add new devices and capabilities to your system – or just want to be ready for the next add-on – how do you know your network is robust enough to handle them? The answer will depend on more than just the strength of your broadband. Achieving an excellent home network and WiFi may require a few different components: 

  • Strong, uninterrupted WiFi 
  • Robust wireless networks  
  • High-bandwidth wiring  
  • Ability to incorporate future technologies 

Upgrading your network may not be as thrilling as a newly remodeled kitchen. But it’s best to find out the status of your network and make the necessary upgrades so you’re ready for your next project.  

Internet of Things and Your Home’s Automated System 

The “internet of things,” as it’s sometimes called, needs a certain strength and infrastructure to support not just the system you have now, but any future upgrades you may make. To maintain a highly functional smart home – that integrates your family’s devices and the different components of your automated system – you may need something more robust than a typical wireless router. A professional can assist in determining whether additional networking equipment and wireless access points will be needed to achieve sufficient WiFi and ensure the different components work together.  

Common Components of a Smart Home Network System 

In today’s world, an advanced home network must be able to handle an increasingly complex system of technology. Most new homes now come with a whole-house system that enables communication among devices in the home, as well as their ability to function smoothly on their own. The system is like a foundation on which you or your family can add your own touches and preferences so they get the features that match their desired lifestyle. 

A vast and growing variety of possible components may be linked to any home system. All of the computers, mobile devices, gaming systems and appliances that are Internet-based will require a certain amount of bandwidth if they are going to function well no matter what the kids or neighbors are doing. Your system may need to handle DSL internet for gaming as well as uninterrupted WiFi hotspots for work meetings and other uses around the home. Then there are the amenities that used to work on older, wired technologies that are transferring to new, wireless systems with more complex options.  

Newer elements that will most likely connect to the internet include: 

  • Advanced Security 
  • Lighting Controls 
  • Distributed Audio  
  • Streaming Programs 
  • Remote Access 

Does Your Home Have Adequate WiFi? 

Today’s smart homes require adequate WiFi to handle all of these different components. Let’s face it. Paying for a monthly WiFi service doesn’t necessarily ensure that your streaming services, audio and sound systems will all run smoothly when you need it. A proper data networking system will allow you to connect to the internet in any room of your home. To make sure that your WiFi is ready for today’s automated services, you need: 

  • Fast WiFi speeds 
  • A solid WiFi signal 
  • A reliable internet connection 
  • A secure WiFi network 

A reliable networking and WiFi system with structured wiring that’s rated for high bandwidth is a necessity in any smart home or home-based business. Upgrading may involve installing a more secure internet network that will provide better access to the outside world. A smart home expert can help you sort out the state of your current system. A home visit may be necessary to make sure all the parts are in place for the elements of your smart home to operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

Whether you’re considering a large renovation or simply want better security for what you have, someone who installs different types of systems in both older and new homes can let you know if your home data network is set up to adapt to whatever the future may demand.  

At MediaTech Living, our specialists help clients plan for a smart home system capable of handling future additions. Any robust WiFi and structured wiring will be backed by our one‐year warranty, extended maintenance agreements and 24/7 emergency service. Contact us for a free consultation

Media Tech is now a Hi Solution company

MediaTech is now a Hi Solutions company


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