A home lighting control system is a smart solution that implements centralized control of the lights in a single room or your entire property.

Besides just being a really impressive bit of technology, a home lighting control system from MediaTech comes with many other benefits that will make your life safer and simpler.

Convenient Lighting Control from Anywhere

Whether you begin with a single-room system or a whole-house infrastructure, the convenience of a lighting control system is immediately apparent. Rather than having to visit individual light switches to turn lights on, adjust them, and then later make the same trek to turn them all off, you can control them all from a single button.

Even better, you can do this from anywhere, whether you are home or away, from a smartphone, tablet, or wireless touch screen.

Customized Lighting to Suit Your Needs

Are you having a fun family movie night? Maybe you need to do some intensive book work in your home office. Whatever your situation, with a home lighting control system, you can program multiple settings to set the mood for different tasks. So instead of spending your time trying to perfectly prep the lights, push a button and get straight to the task at hand.

Energy Savings

People often associate technology with added expense. While like anything new, there is an upfront cost to purchase, a home lighting control system actually saves you money in the long run – roughly 10-20% in energy savings in fact.

This is because the system will typically dim lights, rather than leaving them on full strength. You can also program it to turn lights off when you leave a room, so energy isn’t being wasted lighting an empty space.

Increase Your Home’s Safety with Smart Lighting Control

A dark house can be an invitation to potential intruders. With a lighting control system, you can increase the safety of your home with a variety of features. Turn on all of the lights at once in a potential emergency situation, for full visibility. You can also set your lights to be turned on and off randomly to simulate occupancy.

Another way to increase your safety at home is to program your lights to turn on as you return home, so you don’t have to enter a dark house. Or, using preset pathways, you can move outside or throughout your house at night safely without running into things or stumbling through the dark.

So, if you have a late-night bathroom run or a crying baby you need to feed, but don’t want the harsh glare of a full strength light waking up the whole house, dimmed preset pathway lighting is the perfect solution. Implement this outside too for a safe and convenient pre-lit route to guide you through the dark, for instance, on your way from the garage to the house with arms full of groceries.

Integrate with Home Automation for Advanced Control

On its own, a home lighting control system will certainly make your life easier. Integrating it with other home automation systems, however, gives you advanced control over your entire household.

In addition to lighting, a few of the most common automation systems we provide are:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Surveillance
  • Door & Gate Access
  • Climate Control
  • Window Treatments
  • Pool & Spa Effects

The possibilities are vast when using multiple automation systems together. For example, that fun family movie night we mentioned earlier? Integrate your lighting, audio, and video together to set the perfect theater-worthy room. Or program your window treatments to close as the sun goes down, while your lighting system increases the lighting in the home and your doors lock themselves.

Working with the Best in Home Lighting Control Systems

At MediaTech, we only work with the best industry-leading providers to enhance your lifestyle and environment by supplying you with customized solutions. We strive to offer plans that suite a variety of budgets. So, if you are starting out with automating just one room or your entire house, we can deliver a solution that fits your needs.

We provide nothing less than the highest quality experience for all our customers. All of our automation services come with 24/7 emergency service, extended maintenance agreements, and a one-year warranty.

Contact us to learn more about our services or to discuss the right home lighting control system for you.

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