Your home network and WiFi may have cut it in the past. But if you’re like a large majority of the population right now, your job may have moved from the office to your home. Without excellent home network and WiFi, your business could suffer severely, jeopardizing sales and your reputation.

If you aren’t sure how exceptional home network and WiFi will help your business, we’re letting you in on the top three reasons you need it.

Professional Performance from Your Home Network and WiFi

While modern internet applications like One Drive, Zoom, Outlook, and Dropbox have allowed many of us to successfully transition to working from home, they also come with hefty demands on your internet. Couple these robust applications with your usual home network usage and you’re likely faced with performance requirements that the average home internet plan just can’t deliver on.

If you want to run your business from home smoothly while still maintaining uninterrupted use of HD streaming, video gaming, or whatever other internet-hogging your household typically does, you absolutely need a high-performing network and WiFi system.

This means finding a company that can deliver the network speed, bandwidth capacity, and data needed to create an evenly distributed WiFi throughout your home.

You won’t have to suffer through losing connection in the middle of your online presentation or waiting two hours for that large file to download. And the rest of your household can go on functioning the same way it normally does – even if that includes using a huge amount of resources on your home network.

Uncompromised Security for Your Home Business Needs

While you may not be supporting outside users on your home network, security is still just as important for protecting your business data. The last thing you want is compromised confidential information, especially if it pertains to your clients.

Many older and average internet plans can’t accommodate for the added security needed to protect your business when using a home network.

Installing a secure internet network in your home that doesn’t compromise on communication is imperative to keeping your business safe.

Expertise and Time Sensitive Support

Most consumer-geared home internet providers don’t have the expertise to provide you with a customized solution based on your business needs. When it comes to your business, do you want to settle for an out-of-the-box solution?

Working with trained experts who know the ins and outs of providing a top-notch home network and WiFi is the best way to deliver the professional expertise that your business deserves.

And when you do run into problems, you need someone who can provide immediate support, rather than being put into a ticketing system that may take days to resolve. Your business isn’t going to take a few days to wait around, so to run it optimally, neither can you.

MediaTech Can Deliver Excellent Results

At MediaTech, we understand the extreme importance of having outstanding technology to power not only your home, but your business.

With our robust home data networking, you can feel confident that your business won’t ever lose out on precious time it can’t recover. And your home doesn’t have to suffer a loss either. Maintain the same active-online lifestyle you have now while also having the bandwidth and security needed to accommodate your business.

Our expert technicians average over 15 years of experience and are continuously trained to ensure that they stay current with the skilled knowledge that our services require. All of our services are backed by our one-year warranty, extended maintenance agreements, and 24/7 emergency service with a 15-minute response time.

If your home business is suffering from the problems mentioned above or others, schedule a free consultation with us today to see how we can help you get back to business.