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Luddite: One who opposes the introduction of new technology – Oxford English Dictionary

Technology is so ubiquitous in society – and in our homes – that it’s safe to say that smart home solutions belong to everyone, not just the more wealthy or tech enthusiastic among us. Those folks we all know and love who are a bit more technologically challenged than the average Joe might assume otherwise. But they are likely mistaken, at least a little. 

There are clear reasons for this changing landscape. In particular, the never-ending array of things we take for granted in our personal lives that can be enhanced by some form of wifi-enabled automation. When it comes to the dwellings where we spend much of our lives, technology is mostly there to serve us, not the other way around. Certainly not all, but many gadgets on the market designed for personal use make life easier, not harder. Even if your stance is: the less you have to think about how it works, the better.

The Convenience of Smarter Products

If you have a little luddite in you, there is no shame in wanting to reap the benefits of technology. A Greener Ideal survey from 2022 found that there are many ways that smart technology is benefiting regular people right at home. For example, it found that:

  1. A quarter of households are listening to music on smart speakers. 
  2. Nearly half of people view convenience as the main driving factor behind their use of smart products.

It’s a sign that, more and more, even the tech-skeptics among us enjoy the luxury of not having to get out of bed to adjust the thermostat or open their shades in the morning. What used to be an elite concept is now so commonplace that it’s unusual not to find some form of smart technology in homes today

The reality is unavoidable. Technology is simply making it easier to get stuff done at home.

Voice Recognition

Ever used voice-to-text to send a text message on your phone without having to type out the whole thing? How about a virtual assistant such as Alexa to look up a question without getting up? Inventions that perform these types of tasks are everywhere. According to Demand Sage, a data marketing firm, nearly 130 million Americans use voice assistance tools each year. One of the reasons is that the responses load more quickly than those of typed online searches. 

There are potential downsides to virtual assistants, and arming one’s home with voice-activated software may not be ideal for everyone. Working with a professional can help ease your concerns and ensure that a voice-enabled system is installed as safely and properly as possible. 

Smart Home Entertainment 

Also at the top of the popularity list: smart entertainment. How you define home entertainment depends on what you enjoy, and the range of products and services can be quite broad. Just consider the list of automated products and services in homes across the country:

  • Smart TVs 
  • Wireless smart speakers
  • Home theaters
  • Whole-home audio systems
  • A variety of streaming services

Whatever floats your boat, there’s a chance it has been automated in some form to make enjoying yourself at home even more engaging and accessible. 

Home Security Systems/Crime Prevention 

Everyone wants to feel safe and protect their families. A person doesn’t need to be tech-savvy to benefit from high-tech doorbells, automatic locks or even 24-7 surveillance systems. And the ability to monitor these advancements from smartphones is bringing a newfound sense of security, even to people away from home.

More Efficient Indoor Climate Control 

Finally, there is the cost advantage of certain automated solutions. While smart thermostats are a small way to make life more luxurious, some households are installing intelligent climate control systems to be more cost efficient, as well.

Discuss Your Smart Home Needs with a Professional Service Provider 

One doesn’t need to understand the technology to benefit from smart home systems. Even the most stubbornly gadget-averse are coming around and discovering that home automation has some upsides, after all. Just like their family members whose favorite thing on earth is getting into the tech side of it all. Either way, it is often best to work with a home automation specialist in order to get smart systems set up right so the benefits can be reaped promptly and with minimal disruptions.

Whether you’re a tech genius or just enjoy relaxing at home, MediaTech can help you get set up with a set of solutions that are elegant, high quality and match your needs. Call us at 630.444.0011 to find out more about what we can do for you.

Media Tech is now a Hi Solution company

MediaTech is now a Hi Solutions company


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