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Anticipating the advent of spring and summer after a long winter? As the ice melts and the days get longer, it’s a good time to explore some of the newer smart home technologies available that are designed to make living more comfortable and convenient, inside as well as outside. Automated technology can provide many positive impacts on homes this time of year:

  • Whole-home management of indoor climate control 
  • Better security as foot traffic increases
  • Enhanced outdoor living and entertainment
  • Streamlined use of different smart systems at home

Five recent advancements in home automation can help any homeowner get the most out of their in the months ahead.

Add Automated Window Shades to Control Glare and Sunlight

Don’t wait for the glare of summer to heat up your home. Automated window shades are a stylish and easy-to-install addition that provide the perfect indoor environment to any room, so you get just enough warmth and shade for both working and sleeping in comfort. The latest models of motorized shades can be controlled by voice command, the touch of a button or a preprogrammed timer.

Enhance Indoor Space with Ketra Bulbs That Automatically Adjust to Surroundings

Consideration should also be given to the types of lighting in use at home. We’re not just referring to dimmers and fixtures, but modern lighting itself has been revolutionized with innovations such as Ketra’s “human-centric” light bulbs that produce higher quality, more dynamic natural light. Today’s advanced lighting systems include smarter bulbs that allow you to customize the brightness and color of your lights while creating more energy-efficient lighting options. Want to bring the feeling of spring indoors in any weather? Throughout the day, these LEDs are designed to change color temperature according to the corresponding color of sunlight. 

Prepare Backyard TV & Audio System for Midwestern Outdoor Entertainment

One of the most popular areas of home automation is in smart outdoor entertainment systems. Weather-resistant equipment is a must in the Midwest, but with today’s technology, just about anything you want to enjoy outside can be automated for your pleasure. Consider consulting with a smart home expert to ensure the durability and sustainability of any additions. You will want to be sure any equipment is appropriate for your space, will withstand the elements, and can connect easily with your swimming pool, spa, TV, or audio system through a single device. 

Popular outdoor additions include:

  • Strategically placed wireless speakers or subwoofers
  • Weather-resistant TV such as Samsung’s QLED Outdoor Smart TV 
  • Access points to boost your Wi-Fi
  • Controls to tie it all together from a single device

Update Your Security System for Extra Safety & Protection

It’s an unfortunate fact that warmer weather tends to bring about boosts in crime rates. With increased traffic in and out of the home, security should be a top priority, and there are many different types of security tools and systems available to address your specific demands. More folks are relying on home surveillance systems that provide heightened security using motion sensors, night vision cameras, and audio alerts, among other features. As smart locks become increasingly popular, home automation can also be used to control your lights and locks from a smartphone remotely while you’re away. 

Streamline Controls with Centralized System 

Nowadays, a smart lighting system can be used to turn the lights on or off from anywhere in the world, while cooling schedules are easily integrated with smart thermostats. A centralized control system is often necessary so that every user can connect and manage their audio, security, lighting and climate control system using the device of their choice, without disturbing anyone else at home. Smart air conditioners, air purifiers, fans and window shades can all work together to create the ideal indoor environment to please everyone, regardless of their individual needs.

Consult with MediaTech’s Home Automation Expert About Smart Home Needs

Before investing in any new smart home technology, it’s best to speak with a professional home automation service provider so you’re fully aware of what installation would entail and how it would work in your home. An industry expert will be able to propose the most appropriate features and capabilities of any new devices and explain to you how varying control systems can be brought together for most ease of use. 

Is your smart home ready for spring? At MediaTech, our specialists can answer all of your questions and help you determine the best solutions for your space. Call us at 630.444.0011 to get started!

Media Tech is now a Hi Solution company

MediaTech is now a Hi Solutions company


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