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A house full of lights with no dimmers is like a sound system with no volume control. You will enjoy your lighting some of the time – but what about all those other moments when you need to make adjustments to match the moment? You could take the old school approach: move lamps around or turn individual lights on and off until you get just the right amount of illumination. 

Or, you could modernize your home’s approach to lighting by adding the use of dimmers and controls where you need them. Then perhaps upgrade your standard light switches to smart ones where it makes sense. Updating your system can even help you conserve energy while providing more options and better lighting quality for everyday use. Like improving anything in the home, putting even a little extra effort into discovering just what you want and need will provide better results for the whole family.

Get the Right Dimmers for Your Lamps and Light Switches

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to selecting dimmers for your home. If adaptability is what you’re after, you may need to go through the house and switch out bulbs that aren’t dimmable. There are many kinds of smart dimming switches, some of which work with three-way lights and some that don’t. 

Similarly, some dimmers work on any lamp and some are designed specifically for LEDs, like the highly adjustable Ketra lights, so it’s important to select the proper dimmer to match your needs and lifestyle. 

What to Think About When Choosing Light Switches

Here’s something not everyone expects: how you’ll dim the light switch matters and should affect your choice. Are you converting non-smart switches to smart ones? If so, look for simplicity of design while you search for solutions. Are the on/off buttons comfortable? No one should accidentally select dimmers instead of on/off functions and vice versa. Ease of use can make a significant difference, so it’s important to consider the smaller details.

Imagine – and try out if possible – how you will reach out and switch the lights on or off as you pass by. Take a look at different types of sliders, as well. Can they be set for a certain point that allows the user to select the perfect amount of illumination and move between settings seamlessly? With some, there are better controls to make this happen. Others allow for a delay before you leave the room and dim slowly, which makes for a nice transition from light to darkness.

Lighting Remotes and Control Systems

Controls can accomplish many things, and they’re getting easier to use than ever. However, wanting to make all the right choices can be a bit overwhelming. Some require using a separate remote, which may or may not be what you’re looking for. Using a whole-home control system helps eliminate the problem of having too many remotes and functions that are hard to understand. 

With the device of your choice, you can:

  1. Alter the ambience 
  2. Enhance artwork and other features
  3. Make adjustments without getting up
  4. Set lighting schedule for heightened security while away
  5. Incorporate wireless controls and motion sensors
  6. Integrate with your whole home automation system

You may find the way you control the lights matters as much as the lighting itself. That’s why more people are opting for lighting systems they can operate using wifi when they’re away from home. Working with a smart home professional will clarify all of these choices and help you determine what might need to be replaced, as well as properly install the system that works best for your family.

Get Design & Installation Help from the Smart Lighting Experts at MediaTech

As you explore, you’ll find that there is much more to upgrading your lighting system than heading to Home Depot. It’s worth getting help from a smart home expert to avoid mistakes that are all-too-easy to make. A home automation consultant will provide the comfort of knowing that all the parts work with one another exactly as they should. 

The lighting experts at MediaTech can walk you through all your lighting choices so you get the best lights and dimmers, as well as a system that provides superior ease of use throughout the home. Call us at 630.444.0011 to set up your free consultation today.

Media Tech is now a Hi Solution company

MediaTech is now a Hi Solutions company


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